Boredom, Imagination, & Inspiration

I can remember my summer days as a kid being filled with whatever I wanted to do. Riding my bike ten miles to play with my friends across town. Massive LEGO cities that took days to create. Exploring the woods. Playing manhunt with twenty neighborhood kids once 9pm rolled around and it finally got dark.

While this experience of school closure has been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever been through, there has been a silver lining. With so much time at home, my own children have reminded me of the power of having nothing to do. They have moved from one activity to the next, and have discovered interests through trying different things.

Boredom can breed imagination and inspiration.

It’s been fun to watch. Marathon scrabbles sessions. Whittling sticks into Harry Potter wands. Baking. Cooking. Rediscovering classic video games. Holding front yard picnics while enjoying a good book. My kids have been enjoying and discovering during this time at home. My friends would have other ideas, of course. They might enjoy watching the match with a beer box! Or perhaps they might want to use the best streaming vpn to unblock geo-restricted content and stream their favorite movies on Firefox. Some of them are also into casino gaming. I hear mobile casinos offer a wide variety of games and the payment methods are quite secure too! If you are planning on gambling online, going to or similar resource providers might help you with the reviews, information, and guides related to mobile casinos. I haven’t tried gambling yet. Right now, we are into scrabbles and colouring books!

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Anyway, boredom (and Free Time!) can breed imagination and inspiration. I remember from when I was a kid. And now I’m glad that my kids have the chance to find out!

Rich (@RACzyz)