Sunday Nights & Monday Mornings


When I was in fifth grade, I met my new best friend, Tim. He joined my class from a different school. We became thick as thieves instantly.

By the time sixth grade rolled around, he was spending every weekend at my house. Tim would come back to my house after school on Friday, and not leave until Sunday. Playing sports, making up games, finding every sort of adventure. The weekends kept us busy.

The difficulty would always come when my mom would try to take Tim home on Sunday. She would usually try first in the morning after breakfast, to no avail. Then again in the afternoon, when Tim and I would talk our way into a few more hours until dinner. After dinner, more negotiation would follow, buying us more time. Finally around 9pm, she would put her foot down, and Tim would have to go home.

Our difficulty on Sunday usually revolved around the fact that we knew that once Sunday was over, Monday started. We pushed (and Mom relented) until the last moment in order to accomplish as much as we could before Sunday turned into Monday.

As an adult, I still get the feeling sometimes. I still realize it.

Mondays can be difficult.

Getting up and getting motivated.

Teachers can feel it. It usually starts with that same Sunday Night feeling.

Students feel it too. Just like Tim and I.

The goal as a teacher then should be to make Mondays feel different.
Do it differently on Monday.

Try these strategies.
Dance Party. While Friday seems like the obvious day for music and dancing as students enter the building, Monday might be a better option for a dance party. Students and staff are a little more excited to return to the classroom when the music is pumping!
Tag. You’re it. Gather everyone outside at arrival for a game of Tag! It gets everyone moving, and the blood flowing. Students and teachers will be ready to get to serious work after a fun diversion to kick off the week!
Start with a Story. Everyone loves read alouds (even High School students love being read to)! Gather your class or everyone in the school for a read aloud. Try The Book With No Pictures or The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors or feature a weekly read aloud from a chapter book!
Go for a Walk. Let everyone go for a walk around campus to kickoff the week. Active students and staff are better prepared to begin their week when they get some exercise as a launch to the week. 

Yes to Yoga! Begin the week with some calming stretching and breathing exercises. Let students and teachers settle into the week slowly with some relaxation techniques and exercises.

It’s about time that you do It differently on Mondays. 

Not looking forward to Monday?!
Then you aren’t doing it right. 


Rich (@RACzyz)