Bedtime Stories


So many wondrous things start out as usual things. I think this is one of the great misconceptions of creative work. Great work doesn’t usually start out great. Often it doesn’t even start out good. But here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter. Doing creative work doesn’t rely on making great work, or good work, it relies simply on making work and making lots of it.

Little by little, bit by bit, is how great work gets done. Often this work is done with help, with input, with support, with suggestions. Rarely is it done completely alone. (Stephen King’s wife took his book, Carrie out of the trash. He eventually sold the story for $400,000).

Long before we worry about whether student work is good or bad, long before we worry about whether they are proficient or not, we should worry about whether or not they are simply working and working a lot.

Let kids play, let them make, let them create. Let them do these things together. This is the path to doing great work.

From Austin Kleon’s book, Keep Going, Workman Publishing, 2019.


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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