My Job


As an art teacher,

my job is to teach the basics of

art making and

and art appreciation.


That’s my job.

That’s what the curriculum says.

That’s why I was hired.


But my mission

is to get kids to  love art

or at least, put them on a path

to like art.


My mission

is to help kids meaningfully



and share their

unique voice.


This means

that I have to put the kid

before the product

and put the kid

before the process.


The child comes first.


Every child that enters my art room

brings a different background,

different experiences,

different cultures

and different parents.

Their relationship with

art making and art appreciation

are going to be just as diverse.


In many cases,

focusing on my job isn’t going to cut it.

In many cases,

I need to focus on my mission

which means,

I need to focus on the individual child.

Not the product.

Not the process.

But the child.


I’m thankful for my job.

I’m grateful for my mission.


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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