#4OCF is taking a Summer Vacation for two weeks! But don’t worry, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite posts during this time. Trevor is up  this week with some of his favorites posts of all time:


The easiest way

to begin to access any

text, movie, video, song, poem

article, design, painting

or other artwork

is through mood.


Moods are something we all understand.

My three year old son

even has a pretty developed

sense of various moods.


Since we all understand moods,

as an access point into any artwork

(writing included-writers are artists)

we can simply ask,

“What’s the mood?”

and then use evidence

within the piece

to support our thinking.


(You can use my Access Lenses

to launch the thinking

and the conversation).


Determining and discussing

the mood can accomplish a lot.


For instance…


Discussing mood can take

viewers (readers) quickly

and simply into a conversation

about craft.


Figuring out what is causing the mood

and how and why moods change

also puts the viewer (reader) on a path

towards the theme(s).


Comparing and contrasting moods

within and across artworks is also

an efficient way to make

strong connections to help

viewers (readers) build understanding.


Well crafted artworks

(fiction and nonfiction

writing included)

are crafted around moods.


Explore them.

Realize them.

Watch them grow.

Notice them change.


Moods reveal a lot.

Revel in them.

It’s delightful.


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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