The First Step


#4OCF is taking a Summer Vacation for two weeks! But don’t worry, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite posts during this time. Trevor is up  this week with some of his favorites posts of all time:


Getting started can be hard. It can be paralyzing.

When I hear people say,

“I don’t know how to draw.”

What I always think is, ‘they don’t know how to start.’

Starting starts the thinking, the problem solving,

the figuring it out.


This, I think, is true for lots of things.


When I feel that I am teaching well,

I put a lot of energy into helping my students get started.

I give them all the support they need to do so.

ALL the support. Everything I can.

Because I know, if they don’t get started,

if they can’t make that first step,

their is no chance for a journey.


Completing this first step

can build some confidence.

Sometimes, lots of confidence.

Confidence is powerful.


Confidence is power.


The first step rarely gets any glory.

I think it should.


It may not be the most exciting.

But the first step is always the most important.


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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