Take A Number


The lunch meat counter used to be simple. Step up, take a number, and wait your turn.

But now, the system is complicated. You can still step up and take a number, and wait your turn. Or you can step up to the self-serve KIOSK, place your order, then do the rest of your shopping, while your lunch meat is packaged. All you have to do is remember to return to pick it up when it’s ready.

This is the difficult part for me. On more than one occasion, I’ve forgotten to return to pick up my order, even though they announce the order number over the loud speaker throughout the store.

I probably would require someone to specifically announce, “Hey Rich, don’t forget your lunch meat. Yeah, you, Rich.”

Because a personalized page can’t happen, I stood in line last time and waited.

And as I waited, I realized that the system works much like our system for interventions in school.

Some students will need to wait for direct help.
Some students will be able to continue on with something else while their needs are met.
And some students will forget to come back to get what they need.

Just like the lunch meat counter, the system seems very complicated. But it’s really rather simple. Our role is to make sure that we are providing service to all students, meeting every need, whether students take a number or not.

Rich (@RACzyz)