Chasing Liptak


Ms. Liptak was one of my favorite teachers. She taught Freshman English, and she was more unique than any other teacher I had met to that point in my educational career.

Her class was different.

Thought provoking questions.
Meaningful discussions.
New ideas.

And she brought passion every day.

Her class was the one of the first times that I truly enjoyed reading and writing. When we read As I Lay Dying, Ms. Liptak explained her plan to be propped up in her casket, with a pulley system employed so that she could wave to her funeral visitors. It was an absurd idea, but one that made sense because of how Ms. Liptak approached life, and intended to approach death.

Again, passion for everything.

These types of moments made me truly want to be in class every day… made me want to learn beyond the required reading assignments.

Ms. Liptak taught several sections of Freshman English, and one section of Seniors each year. I was hoping to again experience her class as a Senior, but it wasn’t meant to be.

When I see another educator who brings their passion, I can’t help but be reminded of my Freshman year experience with Ms. Liptak.

And it serves as a reminder that we need to approach each day with an enthusiastic passion for life that will be contagious and serve as an inspiration to others.

Rich (@RACzyz)

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