We Write


I’m a writer. 

I don’t always write in 40 minute writing blocks. 

Sometimes, I get stuck. 


On many days, I wake up early to write. 

Sometimes I try to write but end up with only one sentence. 

Sometimes, I am late getting ready because I can’t stop writing. 


There are many instances when my writing is terrible. 

On occasion, my writing is good. 

Sometimes, my writing is good enough. 


Everyone has their own writing process. 

And yet, we often expect our students to write in a very specific manner. 


Why do we continue to teach students as if there is only one concrete way to write? 

How can we help our reluctant writers? 

How do we build a culture of writing in the classroom? 


The answer is rather simple. 

We write. 


We write the way that works for each of us. 

We write when we are inspired. We write when we are not. 


We show students the work that is necessary. 

We model different ways to write. 

We help students find what makes them comfortable. 


After we write, we write some more. 

And then write some more. 


We write. 

We write. 

We write. 


Rich (@RACzyz) 

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