Connect, Communicate, Collaborate!


At #4OCF, we love to advocate for students, and give them every opportunity to express themselves by sharing their voice. Recently, an amazing group of students reached out to share their message informing people about a pervasive plant called Phragmites Australis.

We are happy to help them use their voices, and are hoping to amplify their message! Please read more about their cause below:

Connect, Communicate, Collaborate!

By Anna DePinho, Brendan DeRose, Max Glantzberg, Evangeline Huey, and Alexey Nekrasov


We are the Phearless Phragmites Phighters from Millstone Township Elementary School in Millstone Township, NJ. For the past two years, our team has been informing people about an invasive plant called Phragmites australis. This plant harms biodiversity by crowding out native plants and animal habitats – affecting food chains and webs.

Our mission this year is to inform teachers who can inform their students, and present a fun way to learn! But what is an exciting way to hook everyone’s attention? We created a narrated eBook and a Virtual Reality field trip, and included them in our online teacher resource toolkit,, along with station activities, an engineering design challenge, and tips for taking action!

Our toolkit helps students take action to solve a local environmental problem as they Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate!

While we were making this diagram, we realized that none of the arrows were a
one-way arrow, because we had communicated back and forth with everyone!

If you have any questions or would like more information about our project, you can contact us at [email protected]

Follow our team on Twitter @PhragPhighters


Thanks to the Phrag Phighters for sharing their message! Be sure to follow them on Twitter and retweet to spread their message!


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