The Table


I decided to redesign my office at the beginning of the year to make it more student-centered. I often found that students were only coming down to the office when they were in trouble. I wanted to change this so I started with the physical space.

This is the table in my office.

I made the table the focal point of the office as the place where I could “connect” with students.

It’s where I do my most important work.


I also have a desk in my office, which is where I keep important paperwork that needs to be filled out, and tackle my inbox daily.

But, my most important work still happens at that table.

On an almost daily basis, I have students asking if they can come in and play Connect Four.

By leaving the table empty except for the game, it provides a constant reminder to connect with students.


What is on your table?

Is it important? Is it meaningful?

Are there things that can be taken off of your table in favor of more important or meaningful work?


Take some time right now to make sure your table includes only your most important work.


Rich (@RACzyz)

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