Educators Need Heroes Too!


Growing up,

it’s normal to have heroes.

Somehow, as we get older

it becomes less and less normal.

But I believe having heroes,

recognizing those who inspire you,

is not only helpful

it’s necessary.


Just like our students benefit

from having goals,

we, as educators, do to.


Heroes give you something to

reach for, to aspire to.


Here are some of my heroes.


Malcolm Gladwell

Peter H. Reynolds

Seth Godin

Austin Kleon

Adam Grant

Dr. Mary Howard

Vicki Vinton

Ralph Fletcher

Christoph Niemann

Stephen King

Lin Manuel Miranda

Ira Glass


I don’t aspire to be these people.

I aspire to nurture my work

the way they do.


Who are your heroes?


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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