The Work Students Should Be Doing

This is a project that one of our students completed at home.

Earlier in the year, she took advantage of a four day weekend and made this vending machine out of cardboard (with a little bit of help, of course)! She was reluctant to bring in the project because she wasn’t sure if we would have time to share it.

This is exactly the type of work that students should be doing.

Not only did we allow her to share the project, but we also recognized her at the end of the marking period.

Again, this is the type of work students should be doing.

While many hope that students are learning from textbooks and worksheets in their classrooms, it is the work that students passionately engage in at home where true learning actually takes place.

Let’s make sure that we are encouraging the work that students should be doing! Who knows where it may end up taking them?

Rich (@RACzyz)

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