Do Your Students Ask Questions


In the book,

A More Beautiful Question

(highly recommended

to all educators by the way)

Author Warren Berger tells the story of

Edwin Land and his Polaroid camera.


The idea for the Polaroid camera

came from Land’s three year old daughter,

who after having her picture taken by her father

simply asked why they had to wait for the picture.


Land was particularly well positioned

to answer this question and within months

he had a working prototype.

About four years later,

the Polaroid camera

was a product that could be bought.


It‘s a remarkable story.

But what Berger pointed out about it,

is also remarkable.


It wasn’t “the expert” that raised the initial question,

it was a three year old.


Berger’s point: ANYONE can ask

beautiful questions that impact the world.


Questions, not answers, expand possibility.

Questions, push boundaries.

Questions are the start of creativity, innovation,

social change.


Great accomplishments don’t start with answers,

they start with questions.


Questions need to be as much a part of a school day as answers.

Maybe even more so.


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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