In a world where social media often allows for the worst of humanity to take center stage, let’s take advantage of social media to instead to celebrate the spirit of giving.

This week, I ask you to join in the #KindnessConnected Challenge.

It’s really very simple.

1. Take a few minutes to share an act of kindness with someone today. Anything simple works. Buy someone a cup of coffee. Write someone a thank you note. Lend a hand to someone carrying something. Any act of kindness is acceptable.
2. Then, share a Tweet to say you participated in the Challenge, and challenge 3 others to take part. Be sure to use the hashtag #KindnessConnected.

That’s it. Let’s trend #KindnessConnected this week by sharing in a moment of kindness with someone. It’s time that we let the positive outshine the negative. Let’s make it happen.

Rich (@RACzyz)

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