Don’t Get Bored With Basics

Disney focuses on the basics, the small things that lead a business to success rather than failure. When you walk into any Disney Resort or Theme Park, the first thing you will notice is the cleanliness. Each day, cast members dedicate themselves to making sure that every resort or park area is as clean as possible. Procedures and routines are in place to ensure that employees know exactly what to do with regard to the cleanliness of the park. The focus on cleanliness starts from the top, and employees know that this small detail affects the overall customer experience in a major way. Even Disney Executives as they are walking through the park will pick up a stray wrapper or piece of garbage. 

Basics can also make a difference in the classroom. The daily routines and procedures that you put into place will help to provide students an effective and efficient classroom. When meeting with small groups, have a procedure for what other students should do if they have a question or need help. Establish routines for students to check homework with a partner or how to work quietly while other students are trying to read. While these routines may seem minor, they will have a huge impact on the overall learning environment in your classroom.

Rich (@RACzyz)

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