#4OCF Celebrates Disney-Pixar


This month marks some memorable events for Disney-Pixar. On November 18, 1928, Mickey Mouse was born with the release in New York of the animated Steamboat Willie. On November 24, 1999, Toy Story 2  was released and opened with Disney’s highest ever weekend gross. This November, Disney-Pixar is set to release the 19th Pixar full-length feature film, Coco. As a huge fan of both Disney and Pixar, I am always excited to learn about operations and management and how strategies employed by Disney and Pixar Team Members can help us in our classrooms. Join us over the next two weeks as we celebrate the Disney-Pixar partnership with a number of posts intended to help you employ some simple brilliance and innovation in your classroom.

Disney Week

November 6 – A Letter from a Waiter

November 7 – Don’t Get Bored with Basics

November 8 – Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

November 9 – Everyone is a VIP

November 10 – It’s Time to WIN

Pixar Week

November 13 – The Pixar Mission

November 14 – Pixar Team Meetings

November 15 – Tin Toy

November 16 – Pixar Shorts

November 17 – Toy Story 2 Isn’t Working


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