What Do Principals Really Do?


Last week, this picture was shared with me on Twitter with the caption, “What do Principals really do?”

The answer, of course, as shared by a first grade student, is that they say the announcements and then eat donuts. I had a great laugh, and then considered the question. No two days are the same, and the opportunity to sit and eat donuts are few and far between. 

A short list off the top of my head…

  1. Tie shoes. 
  2. Keep students dry (by walking them from their car to the front door under an umbrella.)
  3. Give high fives and fist bumps all day long. 
  4. Sit with students to help with academics. 
  5. Play kickball at recess. 
  6. Attempt to jump double Dutch at recess. (Stress the word attempt!)
  7. Dry tears. 
  8. Talk to parents. 
  9. Read aloud to students. (But only really good books!)
  10. Jump in front of a bus before it leaves without a student. 
  11. Sit with the student when that bus does unfortunately leave without them. 
  12. Sit and talk with students. 
  13. Sweep floors. 
  14. Move boxes, furniture and other heavy items. 
  15. Visit classrooms and give feedback to teachers. 
  16. Visit classrooms and give feedback to students. 
  17. Apply Band-Aids and ice packs. 
  18. Clean up spills. 
  19. Direct traffic. 
  20. Plan relevant professional development. 
  21. Open extremely hard-to-open thermoses and other food containers. 
  22. Have conversations that get to the underlying issues behind a problem. 
  23. Wipe noses. 
  24. Inspire teachers. 
  25. Inspire students. 

I’m sure I missed some. Be sure to add to the list at #4OCF. 


Rich (@RACzyz) 

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