Time to Listen: Start Ed Up Podcast

Last week I listened to the most recent episode of PodcastPD. If you have not been listening to this podcast, I strongly urge you to check it out.

The episode featured an interview with educator Don Wettrick who talked about true innovation in schools.

Not pretend innovation. Or what seems like innovation.

But actual real life innovation.

A week later, I am still floored by this episode, and thinking about how our educational system needs to change.

After listening, I downloaded a bunch of episodes from Don’s own podcast, Start Ed Up.

I have listened to several episodes so far, and Don has a way of speaking the #TRUTH when it comes to education. I am not going to recommend Start Ed Up, but rather demand that you start listening to it, and share it with as many educators as you can. Start with this episode with guest Seth Godin and his take on what school is for.

It’s great when we learn something from a book or podcast.

It’s another thing when that book or podcast stops us dead in our tracks and forces us to examine our thinking about a particular subject. Because I listen to so may podcasts, it’s gotten to the point where I even consider starting my own show. I’m not too sure yet what it would be about or where to start, but it would be a good idea. 

It’s time that we all re-examine how we think about education.

Start with Start Ed Up.

Rich (@RACzyz)

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