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For those of you who are regular readers of Four O’Clock Faculty, you may have noticed that over time, my writing style has changed. When I first began to share posts with the world via #4OCF, my posts were fewer in number and less frequent. But my posts were, in most cases, longer. 

Recently, I have been asked by more than a few people about my writing process. It usually begins with the question, how do you post so frequently? Just a few days ago, I was also listening to the podcast Why I Write. It was an episode featuring Seth Godin, who posts to his blog every day. When asked about his writing process, Seth challenged the premise of the question. He explained that writing process is irrelevant. 

While one person may take years to write a song, and another may take fifteen minutes to craft an equally powerful song, Seth argued that those who frequently publish are the ones that are successful.

With this in mind, my simple trick is to write and share. The hardest part is to hit the Publish Button. I carry my phone with me every day, and record voice memos anytime I have a semi-meaningful thought. These words eventually find their way into posts.

But the most important part of what I do for my writing process is hit the publish button.

Even when I think that something is not ready or an idea is not fleshed out, I hit the publish button.

When teaching students writing, I would always share these words of wisdom:

Writing is never finished. It is just due.

So I challenge you today to hit the Publish Button.

See what happens.


Rich (@RACzyz)

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