The Funnel Effect


In my first year as a building Principal, I tried to make few changes. My goal was to get to know staff and students, to get a lay of the land, to build relationships and build trust. 

As summer approached, I knew that I would begin to form a plan for year two. There are a hundred tasks that I want to accomplish, projects and goals that I have in mind that I know will benefit our students. 

I quickly realized though as I stood at my whiteboard listing all of the goals that I needed to take a systematic approach. 

I needed to funnel my ideas. I looked at my list, and narrowed the list until I had just the most important goals to focus on. 

It’s important for the goals to be accomplished as a slow, steady drip. There is no sense in trying to accomplish all of them at once. 

Funneling your ideas can be an easy step, but an important one. 


Rich (@RACzyz)

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