On Pirates and Complications


Today, I share some simple advice from everyone’s favorite Pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. (Apologies to Dave Burgess!)

Last week, I was watching Dead Man’s Chest in preparation for the upcoming Pirates’ movie, Dead Men Tell No Tales.

As Captain Jack is faced with several obstacles and complications, the character Gibbs speaks to Sparrow as he boards the Black Pearl and says, “Not quite according to plans.”

Captain Jack, as only Captain Jack can, simply responds:

Complications arose, ensued, were overcome.

As educators, it is important that we take heed to this advice from Captain Jack.

No matter what we are trying to accomplish, complications will arise. We must realize, however, that we cannot go directly from our starting point to accomplishing our goal without first facing complications.

No one has ever skipped this step.

No matter how small or simple the complications, they will still complicate things.

Going through the process will always be part of the process.

So when you are in the thick of it, take Jack’s advice, let the complications ensue and overcome them.


Rich (@RACzyz)

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