Mindfulness Techniques from Team NüYü


A group of middle school students stood in the front of the room.

They stood before a great number of adults, and talked about how stressed they were.

They talked about the pressures that they felt each day.

They talked about the impact that this sort of pressure could have.

I had joined the Edcamp session a few minutes late, and had missed the introduction.

I later learned that this group of extraordinary students was Team NüYü, a group of 8th grade students in New Jersey, who are trying to reduce student stress using mindfulness techniques.

I was hooked. I learned a great deal from this group of students on that day, and today, I’m proud to share a resource created by Team NüYü.

Try using these mindfulness techniques in your classroom!

Rich (@RACzyz)


Special Thanks to @nuyu_team  and @Bec_Chirps for sharing their expertise with us!

Check out the Team NüYü website here!

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