Winter (Break) is Coming


At my school there are officially 14 school days between now and winter break. There are numerous activities happening during those days. This week marks the Hour of Code, Holiday Shoppe, and Winter concerts. Holiday parties will also be celebrated before Winter break.

We are limited in the number of hours and days that we spend with students helping them to learn. Educators often count down the days left in June, or now begin the countdown until Winter Break.

While this time of year can be a difficult time to engage students and maintain their interest, it can also provide several opportunities to engage them in different ways than we normally would. I would encourage all educators to take advantage of the time still remaining, and challenge students up until the last minute.

Try these activities to maintain student interest and challenge students in the days ahead, for Winter is Coming!

How many gifts? Have students calculate the number of gifts given throughout the 12 Days of Christmas song. Students can count and add, or they can try to determine the equation that can help them solve the problem more efficiently. Either way, they will tax their brains with important math skills as they solve.

Let it snow. Let students explore the symmetry of snowflakes, or allow them to make their own snow using this recipe. Determine the density and volume of snow.

Explore Mistakes. Let students explore the mistakes in popular holiday movies. For example, try examining the science behind these blunders from Christmas Vacation.

Organize a Service-Learning Project. This one could be meaningful. Use the season to remind students about the power of giving. Organize a food drive for a local food pantry, or lets kids help kids by spearheading a coats, mittens, and hats drive with your students.

12 Days of Reading! What better way to use the time than to re-engage students in their favorite books. Dedicate class time each day to reading! Find out how many books students can read in 12 days. Challenge them to read a certain number and celebrate with hot chocolate on the 12th day!

What activities, lessons, or projects do you use to engage students up until the last minute? Share in the comments section below.


Rich (@RACzyz)

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