Fine, Fine Learning


Bedtime stories are an important part of the routine in our house. The kids (and me, sometimes more so than the kids) love to read our favorites- anything by Mo Willems, The Sneetches, and The Invention of Hugo Cabret.

Recently, we read a new story for the first time, A Fine, Fine School by Sharon Creech. The story focuses on the efforts of Mr. Keene, a Principal of a Fine, Fine School. He is so impressed by the learning taking place in his school by students and because of the teachers, that he begins to schedule school on weekends, holidays, and finally, in the summer.

While there is fine, fine learning taking place in the school, Mr. Keene doesn’t realize the fine, fine learning that students are missing outside of school. I will skip some of the more specific details of the story so that you can share during your own story time.

There is a great deal of learning that does take place outside of school. We must remember the importance of all learning…

Students need to climb trees, and read for pleasure.

They need to make things, using their imagination for the sake of being creative.

Build model roller coasters. Ride real roller coasters.

Think about how a good thunderstorm can be one of the best parts of the summer.

Remember the importance of fine, fine learning. Let children take part in all kinds of learning experiences, both inside and outside of school.

If you have the chance, pick up a copy of A Fine, Fine School. Read it and share it. Enjoy the fine, fine book.


Rich (@RACzyz)

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