The Monet Lesson


We can learn a lot

about Monet,

the Impressionist painter,

and about Impressionism,

the painting movement

that Monet led

around 1880 or so.


We can learn,

for instance,

that Monet

and his fellow


painted outside,

loved color,

and put paint on

their canvases


than their predecessors.


All good things

to know,

for sure.


But these things

really aren’t the reasons

that we know Monet



We know who he is


he looked around,

and thought about what he saw.

He discovered his interests,

and followed his passions.

He generated ideas

and work,

lots of work.

He shared his ideas

and his work

with friends.

He persisted

while others insisted

that he was foolish,

even childish.


When we think about

all of the things

that we can teach

our students

through Monet,

we need to think about

the information that will

serve our students best.


Artists aren’t important

because of the way

they put paint on a canvas.


Artists are important

because they

change and impact

the world.


We can learn about Monet

or we can learn from Monet.


What’s the better lesson?


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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