People in Power


Parents, teachers, administrators

when facing a moment

of potential conflict

face a choice.


Their actions and words

can be chosen

by an effort to

stay in power


by an effort to



The former,

is about them.

The latter,

is about the other.


It may be counterintuitive

but it seems

people who choose

to fight to empower others

are actually the ones

who become great leaders

and therefore

don’t have to fight

to stay in power.


People simply want them there.


Empowering others

doesn’t mean

giving them everything

they want.

It means

bringing them into

the decision making

the planning, the process.

Giving them opportunity,

real opportunity, to share

and to take ownership.


It means


and strengthening

their voice.


It’s making sure that

You are listening

to what they are saying

not simply saying

that they have to listen.


Empowering others

empowers yourself.


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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