Expect Practice Not Perfection


It’s easy to picture perfection.

In our mind’s eye

everything can work without a hitch.

Our plans are always perfect.


It’s fun to picture perfection.


In reality, our plans,

especially new plans and first tries,

are rarely, if ever perfect.

There are always going to be hiccups,

overestimations, underestimations,

something will be missed,

things will be realized.


Inevitably, our plans will have to be changed

and adjusted or perhaps scrapped altogether.


This is called learning and growing.


Our goal should be practice.

Our goal should not be perfection.

The first is realistic and attainable.

We can always practice.

The latter is unrealistic and unattainable

or perhaps even worse- it may be downright harmful.

We can never be perfect.


Unless of course,

continuous practice is our idea of perfection.


Trevor (@trevorabryan)

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