Collaboration with Colleagues


I think of collaboration

as a shared journey.

Journeys are exciting.

They are filled with exploration

and discovery.


Most of my favorite moments

as an educator

have been fueled by



I’m better when I share my ideas,

receive feedback on them,

hear new perspectives,

new ideas, and explore possibilities.


I’m also better when I

share my struggles.

Sharing them

has always made it easier to move forward,

to figure out what went wrong,

to figure out how to make it better

and to figure out my next steps.


I try not to confuse

collaboration and complaining.

When I collaborate, I’m looking for

answers, solutions, possibility.

When I complain,

I’m looking for excuses.


I try to keep company with the people

who I collaborate with, not the ones

who I merely complain to.


The more I collaborate, the more journeys I have.

The more we explore, the more we discover.

Journeys are exciting and are full of





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