Implementation & Impact


We see it a lot in education.

A plan is devised.

(Perhaps the  plan is shared).

(Perhaps the plan is discussed).

And then it’s implemented…


Success, right?


Maybe. Maybe not.

Successful implementation

doesn’t always mean

successful impact.


Successful implementation

is not the goal.

Successful impact is.

Implementation is about teaching.

Impact is about learning.


It’s important that we make sure

that whatever it is

that we have implemented,

a program, a procedure, an activity,


that we take the time to verify

that the impact is as successful

(and purposeful, and efficient, and worthy)

as the implementation.


If we don’t,

if we declare success

after implementation

but we don’t continuously check

and question

the actual impact,

we are wasting our

valuable time and energy

and our students

valuable time and energy too.