Creativity & Me


Simply put, I’m happiest when I’m creating.

I’m happy when creating in the traditional sense:

Painting, drawing, making furniture, or writing (like I am now).


But I’m also happy when I’m creating:

Opportunity, interesting discussion, connections, new ideas , new perspectives, or new understandings.

However, this happiness only comes about if it’s paired with meaning and purpose. My creating needs to be tied to growth. It needs to at least feel like it can potentially move me forward. I need to be roaming around my edges.

I try to keep this in mind when I teach.


As much as possible, I want my students to feel like they are moving forward.

I want their work to be paired with personal meaning and purpose.

I want them to be roaming around their edges.


Simply put, I’m happiest when I am creating.

I believe my students are too.



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