Bad Work


Bad work is good work because it’s work.  Doing work is important.  It moves you forward.


This is true when you are doing the work that gives your life purpose,

that moves you closer to your dream(s),

that makes your heart smile and makes your eyes shine bright.


The only way to get to the good is to work through the bad. But the bad really isn’t that bad because it gets you to the good. In this sense, the bad is really just part of the good.


Bad work is necessary.

Bad work is essential.

Wallow in it. Swim in it. Celebrate it.


If we can embrace the bad as the path to the good (and then to the great) we eliminate a barrier. The fewer barriers we have the faster we can get to where we want to be.


In his blog post, No Direction Home, Seth Godin throws out the idea that you have to be willing to be bad at things before you can be good at them.




It’s a choice.


You can decide that your bad work is the reason you can’t go forward.

Or you can decide that your bad work is what enables you to go forward.


Go forward my friends. Get to your great.



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  1. Love this post Trevor!! The good, the bad and the ugly…we need it all to get to where we need to be! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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