What’s it for?


In The Practice, Seth Godin writes:

We have a meeting at 4:00pm. Okay, what’s it for? Well, we always have this meeting… So the ‘what’s-it-for’ is: It’s easier to maintain the status quo than to risk not having the meeting. What the meeting is for is making sure that the people who like having the meeting aren’t upset.

How many of you feel like Seth just described about one hundred fifty staff meetings that you’ve attended over your educational career? 

Yup. I’ve been there. Both as a teacher and as an administrator. I’ve often thought to myself, why is this person still talking? Everyone say it in unison, as a beautiful chorus of the dissatisfied. 

🎵This could have been an email.🎵

Yes, it could have been, and yet, we still sat there, listening attentively, or not so attentively. Maybe even bored out of our minds.

Let’s plan a little deeper, think a little more critically about our meeting time, and ask a simple question. 

What’s it for? 

If we start with this question, and answer it truthfully, some meetings might get canceled, and that’s okay. Other meetings also might be much more meaningful by starting with this question.

So, before you plan your next meeting, or professional development session, or project in your classroom, start with the question.

What’s it for?




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