Student Wellness Day


Last month, our teachers were given time to collaborate and plan during a building based PD day.

Several teachers worked to come up with plans for a Student Wellness and Self Care Day. Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade Teachers, along with our School Counselor came together and planned a day of wellness and self-care activities for our youngest learners. The idea was simple. Let’s give our kids a break, and help them to see the importance of taking care of themselves. 

Activities included mindful and calming coloring, flashlight reading in the dark, relaxation with play-do, painting with watercolors, a mindful walk, and stretching/dancing. Students traveled from one classroom to another, and each teacher hosted an activity within their classroom. 

It was awesome to see students take a break from their usual academic rigor, and do some things just for fun or relaxation! Students loved it. We received feedback from several parents saying that their child said it was the “best day ever!” The calming effect on students (and teachers!) was palpable. 

We are now planning on expanding to the entire school for sometime in the spring. Check out pictures below:



Try implementing your own Wellness Day for students!




*Thanks to the Yardville Teachers who planned Wellness Day for our students!*


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