Nothing Planned


I recently had to check the calendar app on my phone to see if a new event was a conflict with anything else on the schedule.

I picked up on something that I’ve never really noticed before.

One of the few empty spots on the calendar read:

Nothing planned. Tap to create.

I started to think about the designer of the app and how much thought went into this phrasing.

Nothing planned. Tap to create.

Was the designer intentionally trying to add to my calendar? Was it open encouragement to add just one more thing?

Then I wondered how much the designer actually knows about my busy life? Or anyone’s busy life for that matter? Does the designer really have the right to encourage more to be “created” on our calendar?

After giving up on the designer’s intentions, I began to think about fixing the wording.

Maybe we don’t need to add anything else to our calendar. Maybe the Nothing Planned part is enough.

Maybe it could say Nothing to do.

Maybe it could say Nothing planned. Do something amazing anyway.

Maybe it could say Nothing to do. Consider yourself lucky and use the time to do something meaningful.

Maybe I should decide on how I productively use my time.

Finally, I settled on a new phrasing.

Nothing planned. Tap to create.

Or don’t. (Just enjoy the moment!)

Today, plan nothing. Enjoy the moment instead!




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