It’s You!


At first, I assumed that others would take responsibility to help me learn. I assumed that those who hired me were in the best position, and were engaged in helping me to succeed. My first teaching position was in a brand new building, so I was one of ten brand new hires, fresh out of school, with no teaching experience, other than a few months of student teaching.

As a school principal, I now know the effort that it takes to run a building. I should have known then that the building leadership could not be responsible for my learning (or the learning of any of the other new teachers). It took me a considerable amount of time to realize that my growth and development as a teacher would fall on only one person. If I wanted to become a better teacher, then I needed to count on just a single person to help me learn and grow. The funny thing, though, is that as I engaged in my own learning, by asking questions, by starting discussions, by sharing and collaborating, I was also pushing those around me to grow as well. By taking responsibility for myself, I was also holding others accountable too.

So, today, if you read this, please pass it along to a novice teacher. Let them know that you will help as much as you can, but ultimately, it falls on the individual to push everyone around them.



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