Thank You?


Thank you doesn’t quite cut it.

Especially this year.


As I search for the right words.

The words that capture what you’ve done.

The words that convey what you’ve accomplished.

There must be words that go beyond thank you.


How do I show gratitude for the herculean effort you’ve put in?

How do I say thanks for the commitment and dedication you’ve shown?

I can simply say that I know it’s been a struggle.

I can simply say I understand the difficulty you’ve experienced.

I know it’s been exhausting.

But you’ve made it through.


And through it all, you’ve built our students up.

You’ve provided support.

You’ve helped them grow.

You’ve shown how much you care.


I can say thank you.

But it doesn’t quite cut it.


So I’ll simply say I appreciate you.

I appreciate your effort.

I appreciate your support.

I appreciate your commitment.

I appreciate your dedication.




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