New Ideas & Expected Outcomes


It can be tough being an “idea guy” in education.

We often settle for the way we’ve always done it, and staying firmly entrenched in our comfort zone before allowing something new to take hold.

By introducing a new idea, we are working under the assumption that we may not see the results we were hoping for. And in a “business” so focused on end products, new ideas may not produce our expected results.

But what if the new idea just delays our results? What if pursuing a new idea just brings about a longer process? Implementing a new idea means building slowly and not giving up.

There are those who will say that new ideas don’t drive results, it’s consistent practice that delivers the expected outcome.

It’s new ideas, trying and failing (again and again), however, that gets us beyond our expected outcomes.

Don’t be afraid to be the “idea guy,” even when it doesn’t lead to results as quickly as others would like.




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