A Brief List of Things You Can’t Control


This past weekend, I was scheduled for a book signing of ROGUE Leader at my local bookstore. After promoting the appearance, I was sad to see that the forecast showed rain.

And sure enough, as I set up on the front porch of Commonplace Reader (an awesome independent bookstore BTW!), the heavens opened. I threw up my hands and simply recognized that you can’t control the weather!

Fortunately, two Principals who also live in my area stopped by to chat and pick up a copy of the book. (Thanks to Jesse Lockett and Jon Winkle for taking time out of your busy Saturday to stop by!) While commiserating about the school year, the topic that we thought we could never talk enough about came up. I’ll give you a hint: It starts with a C- and ends with -ovid.

While discussing how the global pandemic has changed education over the past two years, in both positive and negative ways, I was able to make the connection to weather in that we have an utter lack of control over the entire situation.

In discussing how people have responded to COVID in education, also in positive and negative ways, it also hit me. While a global pandemic ran roughshod over our schools, we also have very little control over how stakeholders responded as well.

As I sat on the porch in the rain, I summarized it with a brief list.

A brief list of things you can’t control:

  1. The weather.
  2. Global pandemics.
  3. Everyone else.


Hope you have a great end to the year, and I hope it doesn’t rain (unless of course, you want it to rain).




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