A School Museum


I wonder why there is not a school museum. I’m not talking about a museum of artifacts that would help students to learn about the past and future. Instead, I’m talking about a museum of past practices and school artifacts that no longer help students to learn.

It would be great if we had one room at each school dedicated to everything that used to work for kids but no longer does. You could stroll through the desks (in rows, of course!) and learn about popcorn reading, dittos and worksheets, and timed fact tests.

It would certainly make it easier to innovate within our schools, as we could quickly retire strategies and approaches to the museum if they weren’t working. We could move efficiently to get rid of everything weighing us down.

Maybe, just maybe, we’d be willing to get rid of our outdated methods if we could keep them close in a school museum.

How do we get started?!




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