Who Cares?!


There’s been a lot of vitriol toward teachers recently. Some people believe that teachers are selfish in wanting schools to go remote right now. The allegation most associated says something like, “you must not care about kids.”

When I see or hear something like this, I’m hit with feelings of anger, frustration, and confusion. After all, most of the educators I know care deeply about students. They show it every day in their words and actions. It’s the same people complaining who assume that the only reason anyone would ever want to become a teacher is for the extremely high pay (sarcasm!) and summers off (even though many educators work additional jobs in the summer!). I have to assume that these same people don’t understand how much a teacher can truly care about students.

I’m proud to say I work in a profession that truly and deeply cares about each one of the kids that walks through our doors each day.

Who cares?
We do.




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