The PD Takeover


At times, it may be necessary to steal PD.

When those in charge of PD aren’t willing OR able to deliver meaningful, relevant learning, you may need to take matters into your own hands.

It might be the only way.

Some PD providers just aren’t able to provide relevant options to the large number of educators they are responsible for.

Others are simply not willing to provide meaningful options because it requires more effort or taking a bigger risk.

No matter the reason, it often falls upon the impacted staff to make it better for themselves.

So, a PD Takeover is necessary.

Find your co-conspirators. Your ROGUE friends; the ones who will help you grow and learn outside of the existing structures of mandated meetings and lengthy, verbose slide presentations.

Take it over. Host your own PD gathering. Start a CoffeeEDU Group. Share information and resources in an underground newsletter. Host a weekly discussion.

Come up with your game plan and execute. Advertise and make your ROGUE friends aware of your PD session. Find a space and a time that works for everyone. Let everyone know what your purpose is. Turn on, tune in, and LEARN out.

Keep the learning going at all costs. 

Your growth depends on it. 




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