Let the Kids Manage


I visited a class last week that because of quarantine protocols had a combination of students working in person in the classroom and several working virtually at home.

As I walked in, the teacher worked with a small group at the back table. Several other students worked independently at their desks, and two students were planted firmly in the corner having a spirited discussion with an iPad?!

As I moved closer, I realized that they were sharing a discussion with one of their classmates working virtually. It was impressive to see the in person students redirecting the conversation to focus on another question to be answered.

The three students did a great job of managing the task at hand, whether in person or stuck at home.

Management can be one of the most difficult skills to master as a teacher. Getting students to master it can be downright impossible.

It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try though. If we model, support, and hold students to high expectations, they will usually rise to the occasion.




*** Kudos to Mrs. Flanagan for mastering management and helping her students to master it as well! ***


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