The Perils of Trying Something Different


You come up with an idea, brilliant or otherwise. (Maybe not so brilliant!)

Or maybe it’s not even your idea, but it’s something that sounds interesting.

So you do it.


And the responses come immediately.

This is a terrible idea. It’s different. It’s not what we’ve always done.

The perils of trying something different.


A handful will vehemently oppose what you’re doing.

A handful may be on board and support what you are doing.

And many will be indifferent.


And depending on how vocal your vocal minority is, it may come across as a bad idea, when, in fact, it was just different.

There will always be those who are quick to criticize.

Usually, it’s the peanut gallery. It’s those sitting on the sidelines. Those who aren’t trying, but are ready to bring you down.


The only move that you can make is continuing to try, despite the naysayers.

Continue executing those ideas. Continue putting forth new moves.

Try something different.
Don’t stop trying.
Despite what anyone says.




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