Students Who Love to Talk!


Do you have that student who loves to talk?

It doesn’t matter when or where, but it constantly seems like the student has something to share.

It may or may not be related to content.

It might be a connection or a random statement that has nothing to do with anything at all.

Your student who loves to talk can derail a lesson at any time.

And every time.


What can you do other than feel frustrated?

It can easily turn into a power struggle if you let it.

The goal should be transferring the power to the student.

What would happen if you harnessed the student’s natural energy and communication ability?

What would happen if you put them in charge?


Make your talkative student your Communications Director for the classroom.

Let them organize and lead discussions.Let them ask questions and facilitate answers.

Let them check in with classmates to find out how they’re doing.

Find out what happens when your Communications Director has the power to talk and puts it to good use.




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