Tasks Versus Outcomes


Inspired by the 5AM Miracle Podcast with Jeff Sanders and Guest Megan Hyatt Miller.


Anyone can complete tasks on a regular basis.

But the truly productive are able to plan for and produce meaningful outcomes.

So what is the difference between accomplishing tasks versus outcomes?

It comes down to being able to see the big picture and planning meaningful goals.

Sometimes, it might be limiting the numbers of goals provided by others and working on your own.

It could be focusing on the one task that needs to get done versus the fifteen simpler tasks that are easier to accomplish but can wait.

It might be identifying the tasks that can be outsourced because even though you finish them each week, might be better off in the hands of someone else.

Accomplishing tasks is an easy ask.

Producing meaningful outcomes, however, requires effort, care, and focus.

Producing meaningful outcomes takes careful planning, efficient use of time, and a dedication to big, audacious goals.


Don’t allow yourself to simply complete tasks. Anyone can complete tasks.

Go for those meaningful outcomes instead.




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