Setting the (Uns)Table


This time of year is usually about pulling together the final details prior to the start of school. Setting the table usually follows a standard pattern, and can be done efficiently and effectively. As a school administrator, I have a summer checklist that I complete in order to be ready in September.

This summer, I was slowly able to complete some of the checklist items, but not many. While last summer was an exercise in constant change, this summer has seen very few answers with regard to planning for the school year. There is a certain feeling of instability. No one is quite sure what the year will bring.

I’ve learned enough this past year to know that patience is going to be a virtue that all of us will need. I’m also trying to embrace the ambiguity inherent in the situation.

No one is quite sure what the year will bring. Instead of worrying about the instability, let’s embrace the possibilities.




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