A To Don’t List


Inspired by Tania Katan from her book Creative Trespassing.

A To Don’t list for the School Year:

  1. Spend more time in the office, at my desk, answering emails or completing administrative tasks.
  2. Instantly judge a student, assume that I know exactly what the problem is and how I can “fix” it.
  3. Respond without listening and understanding first.
  4. Read from bulleted slides during staff meetings.
  5. Dedicate my energy to too many projects, initiatives, and tasks – without focus.
  6. Stick to traditions simply for the sake of sticking to traditions.
  7. Complain about a problem without proposing a solution.
  8. Assume that I know better because of my position or title.
  9. Force students to adhere to rules or expectations simply for the sake of compliance.
  10. Use data to make a decision without considering the whole story behind the data.


What’s on your To Don’t List for this school year?