Summer Learning Gain


Each year, we hear about the potential learning loss that students will experience over the summer. This year, we’ve been warned of the unprecedented learning loss that students have experienced in the past fifteen months and we’ve heard of the catastrophic end that may result. We’ve all been told that our students seem to be facing dire straits.

And yet, I see many students who enter the summer ready for a break, but also ready to creatively problem solve, attack new passion projects, and simply just embrace learning during the summer months.

Looking for a way to help your children this summer? Try these activities:

  1. Read to them.
  2. Read with them.
  3. Write with them.
  4. Listen to podcasts together.
  5. Visit a museum.
  6. Watch a thunderstorm and talk about what you notice.
  7. Create something together.
  8. Cook a family meal.
  9. Bake something together.
  10. Go for long walks and talk together.
  11. Go for a bike ride.
  12. Build something together.
  13. Visit the library and check out some good books.
  14. Discover nature together.
  15. Try a science experiment.
  16. Listen to music together.
  17. Find a local story time.
  18. Write a song together.
  19. Put on a play or musical for an audience.
  20. Do anything that keeps your child’s mind, body, and spirit active this summer!




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