5 Minutes on… Teachers and Summers Off

We all have five minutes to write each day. You can say a lot about a topic in just 5 minutes. So, I’m going to try to do just that.

Here’s 5 Minutes on… Teachers and Summers Off

I’ve heard everyone say that teachers have it really easy because they have “summers off.” I’m not sure that teachers’ summer vacation counts as having the summer off though. For many teachers, it means taking on a second job to pay the bills, digging into curriculum writing, teaching extended school year for struggling students, or committing to learning new technology to use with students in September.

(Part of) June, July, and (Part of) August also provide a time to gain some well-deserved rest and relaxation time. Teachers work incredibly hard during the year. Every teacher that I know brings home a ton of work on evenings and weekends. They pour themselves into their roles every day, often operating on empty. Teachers don’t get vacation days during the year, but always struggle to plan their three personal days without feeling guilty about it.

So, no, I wouldn’t say teaching includes “summers off.” It does include a time of year that is less busy than the rest of the year. And it does provide time for recuperation. It also provides time to reboot and replenish. Here’s to less busy summers.


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